"AM GROUP" Limited Liability Company

Armen Nahapetyan
Armenia, 0070, Yerevan, Yervand Kochari St. 8/2 Building
(374-10)588424, (374-10)588434, (374-93)588424
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Additional Information

Manufacture of metal-plastic and aluminum windows and doors, wholesale trade in metal-plastic profiles and accessories. Alucobond cladding. Making and installation of showcases, glass banisters, shower glass doors


Doors: Aluminum (manufacturing) (selling)

Doors: Metal-Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)

Shop-Windows: Metal-Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)

Windows: Aluminum (manufacturing) (selling)

Windows: Metal-Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)

Arches: Metal-Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)

Banisters: Glass (manufacturing) (selling)

Facade Structures: Glass (manufacturing) (selling)

Facade Structures: Stained Glass (manufacturing) (selling)

Glass Structures (manufacturing) (selling)

Shower Enclosures: Glass (manufacturing) (selling)

Stained-Glass Windows (manufacturing) (selling)

Window-Frames: Metal-Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)

Facing with Aluminum Composite Panels

Blinds (trade) (selling)

Fasteners: Metal (trade) (import and selling)

Fasteners: Metal (trade) (selling)

Handles: Door (trade) (import and selling)

Handles: Door (trade) (selling)

Handles: Window (trade) (import and selling)

Handles: Window (trade) (selling)

Hinges: Door (trade) (import and selling)

Hinges: Door (trade) (selling)

Hinges: Window (trade) (import and selling)

Hinges: Window (trade) (selling)

Profiles: Aluminum (trade) (selling)

Profiles: Galvanized (trade) (import and selling)

Profiles: Galvanized (trade) (selling)

Profiles: Metal-Plastic (trade) (import and selling)

Profiles: Metal-Plastic (trade) (selling)

Screws: Fastening (trade) (import and selling)

Screws: Fastening (trade) (selling)

Screws for Metal (trade) (import and selling)

Screws for Metal (trade) (selling)

Sealants: Polyurethane Foam (trade) (import and selling)

Sealants: Polyurethane Foam (trade) (selling)

Stops: Door (trade) (import and selling)

Stops: Door (trade) (selling)

Stops: Window (trade) (import and selling)

Stops: Window (trade) (selling)

Tapes: Waterproofing (trade) (import and selling)

Tapes: Waterproofing (trade) (selling)

Valves (trade) (import and selling)

Valves (trade) (selling)

Wall Plugs: Metal (trade) (import and selling)

Wall Plugs: Metal (trade) (selling)


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